Patchwork Archivists are a grassroots creative archiving collective - bringing together intercultural communities of the South Asian diaspora to explore the significance of sharing stories and memories passed down through generations.

Founded by three friends of Kashmiri, Indian and Pakistani heritage who were born and brought up in the UK, Patchwork Archivists are reclaiming our histories as a form of resistance to the systematic erasure, reduction and homogenisation of South Asian experiences.


Our Eurocentric education system devalues our histories and lived realities - seeing them as marginal rather than fundamental to British history, and the current social-political context. As a form of neo-colonisation which dictates whose stories are significant, we see this bias continue within the notion of archives and the formation of national collective memories.

On occasion, limited attention has been given. However, this is usually hosted by larger British cultural institutions where we see stories taken from our communities and told back to us through a colonial lens, resulting in depoliticisation, exoticism, and packaged stereotypes.

Patchwork Archivists seeks to directly challenge this by recognising that we are the owners of our own stories, tellers of our own histories, curators of our own archives. Fundamental to the resistance of Patchwork Archivists is the recognition of intercultural and intergenerational trauma. By reclaiming our histories together, looking within our communities, valuing our intergenerational ties, and creating space for intercultural conversation - we are weaving a rich tapestry of South Asian narratives for ourselves that is intertwined in processes of healing and in resistance to the neo-colonial distortion.


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