Rooted in south asian diasporic experiences, Patchwork Archivists exists to map our histories, plot our futures and share our present. We hold space for grassroots archiving, storytelling and co-remembering through get togethers and our online platform.


+ The personal is political. Our histories live in our families, communities and individual experiences.

+ We honour the Black radical traditions that have given us language and tools to consider our brownness/positionality.

+ We work to dismantle fascism, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism and LGBTQIA+phobia.

+ Archiving is not extracivist. No one should be left depleted.

+ We practice archiving as a form of healing.

+ We draw from our innate interconnectedness, centring self-collective care and love in our practice.

+ Every body holds knowledge. We must re-educate in a way that practices this.

+ Archives are alive and archiving is a living, breathing, messy practice. History-making is a non-linear process.

+ We honour speculation and mythmaking. Inaccuracies exist through mis-remembering and fragmented language, and that’s okay.

+ We honour the documented and undocumented flows between and within the margins.