Patchwork Archivists is a space between Places. We exist in living rooms, in the cornershop, in recipes, in memories, in dreams, on the tips of our tongues. We exist in the everyday. What can we imagine about our pasts and our future, to guide us through the here and now of our brownness in englistan?

Patchwork Archivists is a grassroots archiving collective creating spaces of intergenerational, intercultural and interfaith dialogue for and with South Asian diasporas. We facilitate conversations, workshops, screenings, reading groups and get togethers.


+ The personal is political

+ Our work is for/with South Asian diaspora communities across generations, cultures and faiths

+ We recognise strength in the margins, it is our source of solidarity and power

+ Every body holds knowledge. We must re-educate in a way that practices this

+ We draw from our innate interconnectedness, centring self-collective care and love in our practice

+ This is home for people of all ages, genders and abilities. We hold space for the experiences held within each of us



Join our mailing list and follow us on our socials to stay updated with upcoming workshops, programmes and progress. If you'd like to talk about opportunities, collaborations or anything else you can get in touch at info@patchwork-archivists.org.